The Open Slider Project (OSP) started as an off shoot of developing www.DIY3DTech.com a web site devoted to concepts of developing home and small scale fabrication workflows and techniques based upon existing “Maker” available technology such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting & Engraving as well as CNC Machining.  However to document all of this it became clear that taking amateur videos and photos to document these ideas was not going to provide effective so what to do?

Well what else, “when in doubt, turn to YouTube” and that is what we did to discover a plethora of channels focused on producing professional style videos with again modest what I would call “Maker” video and photo kit.  In addition, the DIY community was also very strong in this space with ideas for all kinds of interesting gizmos and do-dads to improve message as again as Marshall McLuhan said in the sixties “The Medium is the Message” and therefore having a command of the Medium is key to getting the message across.

With this said, one tool emerged from the fray in mass was the “camera slider”.  For the most part a simple device which was use to move the camera in a linear path to capture staged images with great impact.  In addition from the simple to the complex they ranged as some had motors while other depended upon the human touch for locomotion.  Others had computers, and poles to wheels and gears as it seemed there wasn’t an end to shape shifting format these instruments of messaging could take on.

Yet what seemed the common denominator was the “controlled motion” of the camera as from rails, wheels and pipes the genre went to egg timers and more motors to spin, pan and contort the camera into all kinds of strange positions gathering of effects which where both stunning as well as captivating.  One such endeavor which inspired this site is the “The Chronos Project” which simply blew us away!  However for all its greatness, it also brought complexity too as are you a “builder” or a “photographer“?  While we are here are both, many aren’t and as my wife reminds regularly, “[wo]man should not be forced to live with only one pair of shoes“.

With this motto in mind we set out to do the same with the camera slider world, as with commonly available “Maker” tools why should their not be various of design, motion and function?  So this site and “Project” was born as an off shoot of www.DIY3DTech.com to not only technologically support it, however to also share in a open source fashion all of the designs and build we come up with as hey, making thing be a picture or camera slider is fun right?

With this, of course all of the things we share or curate will be subject to their own licenses, however the things we create will be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licenses model.  So in short, so long as you don’t try and sell “them, themselves or a derivative” as a product and credit the “Project” back, we are good.  In fact we would like you to share what you have done with some of these ideas as this is new ideas are made!

Okay so you don’t have a laser cutter, CNC or 3D Printer, yet all of this is too cool to pass up can you do?  We will be offering “Kits” in the near future likely on eBay or  Etsy at a modest price to cover the printing, machining or cutting cost along with materials.  This project is a passion not a vocation (in other words there are day jobs involved to pay mortgages and keeps the lights on) so we would be doing this promote the idea and not to be the next big winner (if there are any) on Shark Tank.

Also we make no warranties on fit for purpose or any thing else like this.  All of the information here is educationally intended and intended to be used at YOUR OWN RISK!  What does this mean you ask?  If something breaks and your $3,000 camera falls to ground, sorry fiend its all on you.  Guess if some folks need to be told “hot coffee” is hot than I need to say this too just because you never know.   However with the legal stuff out of the way now, let get down to the business of having some fun!