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Open Camera Slider Project – Step 1 Building The Rail Ends!

For more information about this project and many others, please visit us at to keep up to date as well as subscribe to the OpenSliderProject channel at to be notified of new video’s as they are released. As in this episode we will be cover the following topics of build the 1/4-20tpi ends mounts of the camera slider rail. Again the 3D printed or laser cut parts can be found on our web and feel free to ask questions below.

V-Slot Maker Rail 20mmx20mmx1500mm (cut to length):

1/4-Inch-20 TPI, Zinc Plated Nuts, 100-Pack:

BSI-201H Clear Quik-Cure Epoxy, 4.5 fl. oz:

SainSmart 1.75mm Flexible TPU 3D Printers Filament – 800g Spool:
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