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Open Camera Slider Project – Step 1 Building The Rail Ends!

For more information about this project and many others, please visit us at opensliderproject.diy3dtech.com/ to keep up to date as well as subscribe to the OpenSliderProject channel at goo.gl/oo84OJ to be notified of new video’s as they are released. As in this episode we will be cover the following topics of build the 1/4-20tpi ends mounts of the camera slider rail. Again the 3D printed or laser cut parts can be found on our web site:opensliderproject.diy3dtech.com/ and feel free to ask questions below.

V-Slot Maker Rail 20mmx20mmx1500mm (cut to length):

1/4-Inch-20 TPI, Zinc Plated Nuts, 100-Pack:

BSI-201H Clear Quik-Cure Epoxy, 4.5 fl. oz:

SainSmart 1.75mm Flexible TPU 3D Printers Filament – 800g Spool:
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